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House-mate Relationship ?

Well, to begin with there was no legally binding agreement in that arrangement between the two families . It was all based on friendship that the parents agreed they will now live together under one roof. How about the children ? Were they amenable and comfortable with that set-up ?

Seung Jo , surprisingly, did not seem to mind that there are two additional people in their household specially HaNi who he had a tiff back in school . Ha Ni was a little unsure things will work out , she was always looking for signs, any sign from Seung Jo to indicate his displeasure . The sign of displeasure came from Seung Jo’s little brother , Eun Jo . Understandably so because he lost his room to HaNi . The little boy’s room became a girl’s haven with its pink bedspread , pink pillows , pink curtain . In fact, everything in the room was in pink. Mrs.Baek made sure the feminine touch had been in place . She had shown very early on her special fondness for HaNi . On their first night in her house she even gifted her with a nice pair of shoes .She was happy to share some things with her such as family pictures and photo albums .

Living together always must have rules . Seung Jo’s main requirement was for HaNi not to tell anyone in the school about their unusual situation . And oh yes, not to be forgotten , was not to walk along with him .Better to maintain distance from him when walking . Ha Ni was unhappy by the Baek Seung Jo regulation . But there is nothing that she can do but to abide by it .

At home Seung Jo was not speaking much, just eyeing Ha Ni most of the time . Maybe it was this uncertainty of what was in Seung Jo’s head led Ha Ni to make her imagination work . In her mind she became a powerful lady in a black cape who attacked Seung Jo with the two pink pillows . Her attack caused Seung Jo to have a nose bleed and to look helpless. At least in her imagination, she toppled down the school’s demigod . Reality checked in soon enough and HaNi found herself beating the daylight out of the pillows against the bed frame instead . In the bathroom , she now will share with Seung Jo , HaNi looked lovingly at the toothbrush Seung Jo uses .

For all that nonchalance exterior of his , Seung Jo could be both annoyed and worried at the same time for Ha Ni. Earlier, he saw a male pervert lurking around in the neighborhood . The night when HaNi was not yet home even though it was late , Seung Jo found an excuse to buy something just so he could do a lookout for her . True enough, Seung Jo’s sudden appearance saved HaNi from witnessing the pervert’s display of his wares. Seung Jo became her knight in shining armor shielding her from harm. In spite of Ha Ni’s gratefulness Seung Jo would not admit the true reason why he was out on the street that night.

But speaking and dealing with each other cannot be avoided between Seung Jo and HaNi .One time their gym uniforms got switched . When they exchanged uniforms HaNi took this as an opportune time to show Seung Jo she had his funny picture .She had this idea when Seung Jo’s Mom showed her his picture as little boy. Naturally , Seung Jo got pissed and tried to grab the picture from her . They had a brief chase , Seung Jo eventually pinned down HaNi against a tree in an attempt to use his boyish charm for her to give up the picture . Unknown to the two, their classmates had been in the balcony watching their interactions . Both Joon Gu and Jang Mi conspicuously worried on what was actually happening .

HaNi had earlier thought of blackmailing Seung Jo with that picture .In exchange for surrendering the picture to him she asked Seung Jo to tutor her at home so she can pass her examinations.

Seung Jo did not readily agree to do it.

“Are you expecting me to perform miracles ? I’m not God, ” he reasoned out .

“Besides , if you pass your exam and you make it to the special study room, I will have to piggyback you.” Seung Jo demonstrated his good logic to HaNi.

Hani was quick to offer she is cancelling the piggyback deal . To sweeten the new deal she even said “I don’t like you anymore.”

Thus, HaNi got herself a tutor- Intelligent , good looking ,available and most of all he does not charge any fees . Ah ,she should have gotten a medal for coming up with this clever idea . Actually, it should be Seung Jo who should be given a medal for possessing the virtue of patience and courage to attempt the almost impossible .

It was not that Seung Jo did not try to discourage Ha Ni from all that studying.

“Why don’t you just give up? How come you don’t know so many things ?” Seung Jo asked to test her resolve.

Ha Ni’s response was a classic . “ Do you know everything ,do you know who they are ?” she points to the members of Super Junior in a picture .She then she proceeded to name them one by one to the dismayed Seung Jo. Seung Jo collapsed on the nearby bed quite drained with latest manifestation of HaNi’s attention deficit . Unwittingly, Ha Ni was wearing Seung Jo down.

This episode could have been aptly titled Tutoring HaNi. For this is definitely the ardous task to anyone even to a genius like Seung Jo to tackle . Ha Ni’s number one problem seemed to be her weak power of concentration . But how could HaNi concentrate on her mathematics lessons when her resident tutor happens to be this handsome ? Just looking at this special person across her , his tantalizing eyes, lips that looked soft and inviting , hair that partly framed that angelic face , and with the voice that can calm the most tempestuous sea barred her from absorbing any learning . The lesson was hard enough for somebody who seemed to have moved from one level to another without knowing the basics more so when she was distracted by her heaven sent tutor .

Contrary to his image in school , Ha Ni learns that Seung Jo was not harsh and not heartless. In fact, he was very patient with her foolishness . Tutoring her left Seung Jo tired that he would just slumped on the study table at times . HaNi was touched by Seung Jo’s efforts and felt guilty for making him lose his sleep. The tutorials carried well into the night , that Mrs Baek bringing snacks to them found the two already asleep on the study table . Mrs. Baek could not resist taking photographs of the two . To her, they were simply irresistibly cute and by the looks of it their actions are within what she has planned .

The torturous progress of the tutoring sessions , must have made Seung Jo many times feel like giving up but his desire to get back his picture must have been a stronger motivation to keep going.

Their parents were thrilled to see the two getting along so well (if only they knew what was going on ). EunJo, was definitely not thrilled . He could not even asked his hyung for help in his assignment . “Why don’t you go back to your house ?” he snorted at HaNi . EunJo had become more sullen as the days passed by.

Thankfully , Ha Ni managed to steady herself and proceeded to do her reviews well .While this earned smiles from Seung Jo , when she is not looking of course, her two friends JooRi , Mina and Joon Gu were worried about Ha Ni’s dark eye circles .

The day of the examinations came .Ha Ni looked prepared answering the questions in the test sheets . She was alert and combat ready for the test .Previously, Seung Jo had told his Mom to prepare midnight snacks that are good for the brain for two people . The night before, Seung Jo prepared questions that he thought might appear on the tests for her to study. He also advised her to go to bed early . Before her examination Seung Jo even wished her good luck .

Taking the test had always been like going to the battlefield for her and her classmates . It was the day they dreaded most . Joon Gu who always sit by the window looked perplexed at the question as usual . He shook his head seeing what he needs to answer . By the looks of Joon Gu he seemed to have already hoisted the flag of surrender .

The examinations results were soon out . Seung Jo came to find many students already crowding the area he had to strain his neck to check the results . He was not interested at the outcome of his own examinations, as he would have topped it any way . His eyes scanned the list .Then he called called Ha Ni who seemed oblivious to what was going on. He motioned her to look at the newly posted board . Ha Ni saw her name on the list–she made it! –she was elated to have made it to number 50. Her teacher also saw this achievement and happily called out her name.

But HaNi did not hear her for she had gone to Seung Jo to thank him. Tears brimming in her eyes , she grabbed Seung Jo’s hands when he appeared as if he was extending it to her . But Seung Jo did not have the intention of congratulating her. He only wanted to get his picture. As promised Ha Ni took out the picture from her pocket to give to Seung Jo which he quickly snatched away. With a slight smile he started to walk from where HaNi stood.

HaNi ‘s teacher called out to Seong Jo . She reminded him with a loud voice to fulfill his promise in spite of Ha Ni ‘s intervention that the deal was already off . The students who were attracted by this noise soon chanted , “ Piggyback ! Piggyback !” Seung Jo’s facial expression changed.

English Translations: Layzzie/Mel (Hyunnies Pexers)
Episode summary written by Aprilstar
Full recap by hyunnies pexers @


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